hello my name is Dena.

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'I love getting myself lost in a book, to the point where its suddenly dark outside + my tummy's growling'

I'm an adventurous book worm.



I’m a Beach Loving, Snow Chasing, Plant Eating, Coffee Addicted Mami from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Although I didn’t grow up here, I definitely now call it home. Wellington is a colourful yet relaxed city. Full of absolutely delicious vegan foods and the coffee is always so dreamy; it will turn you into a coffee snob before you know it! Hence why I love calling Wellington home.



Before Eleanor picked me to be her Mami I worked as a Signwriter for, gosh must be over 10 years or so (I lost count). 
I never studied or trained for my job, I was lucky enough a friend was able to get me a position in the industry where I was able to start at the bottom, learning my way to becoming a designer.
Although I do miss working in the industry, I feel like my heart is at home with my Daughter for now. 
Ands that’s where I thought starting my own blog would be a nice substitute. I still want to be creative and pairing it with my love for food, fabricating recipes and dreaming about adventure non stop is how I became to starting this blog.



I do believe that fuelling our selves with wholesome foods and listening to our bodies is the key to optimal health.  That is also why I chose to shift my lifestyle to a more organic plant-based one, where I try to avoid processed and packaged foods. My recipes are often gluten-free and made with the most natural ingredients.

I haven't always been this way though.
I went away to work in the mountains for 6months and in this time i become really unhealthy and extremely over weight.
one of my good friends was vegetarian at the time and was talking about going vegan. 
I suddenly found myself gravitating towards the same path. I went VEGETARIAN straight away and threw myself into research.  
I feel like since i transition to being Plant-based Vegan, its changed so much about me and not just my health.
I feel like i have control of my pcos. I never feel sluggish or heavy after meals.
best part is i don't count calories and i eat what ever i gravitate towards.


'I have the biggest  love for Interior Design. 
Im obsessed with feature walls + custom made curtains'

I also have a love hate relationship with Full Gloss Paint!


vegan blog

I’m always keen to collaborate or just chat to like-minded beings.
So drop me a Hola and we can create together.
(Or just drink coffee and manifest adventure, sandy feet and slow living together)!!

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